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Red tape hinders live cattle to Indonesia

Red tape hassles continue to play havoc with Australia’s live cattle trade to Indonesia.LIVE cattle exporters are working to offset bureaucratic hurdles which currently mean they do not have permits to send shipments to Indonesia in April.
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Northern Australian cattle operations are due to start their first musters in autumn, making April a crucial time for trade with our largest live export market.

“With large numbers of cattle coming online, producers will want to know exporters are in the market,” said Australian Livestock Exporters Council chief executive officer Alison Penfold.

April and May are also the lead-up to the peak demand period of Ramadan in Indonesia.

Significant efforts on Australia’s behalf to facilitate longer lead-in times on cattle number allocations and permits for live trade late last year led to the Indonesian Ministry for Agriculture Ministry amending regulations to allow numbers to be determined on a four-monthly basis, rather than quarterly.

That new arrangement is now in play, however the Ministry for Trade is still working under the three-month framework, which means Australian exporters currently only have permits up until the end of March.

ALEC is seeking a dispensation to allow those first permits of the year to be valid for April.

Ms Penfold said at this stage, cattle were not permitted to sail and arrive in Indonesia in April.

“With shipping schedules made three to four months in advance, it’s very difficult for our businesses to make arrangements when there is no guarantee cattle will be permitted to arrive in Indonesia,” she said.

“We have relayed our position to both the Indonesian and Australian governments.

“The difficulty lays in the differences in bureaucratic process in Indonesia and the fact two ministries are involved.”

Lobbying for earlier information to enable better logistical planning had been a key focus for some time and Australia ultimately would like to see permits allocated annually.

Ms Penfold said two weeks of shipping were forfeited this month due to delays in permit issuing.

“It is important for exporters and others in the supply chain for allocations to be announced as early as possible, ideally before the start of the permit period, to give all stakeholders enough time to plan the significant logistics involved with exporting hundreds of thousands of live cattle to Indonesia,” she said.

“It will allow our exporters to buy cattle over a longer period of time, which is preferred by all levels of the supply chain.”

Meanwhile, Indonesian Government plans to bring feeder cattle under its domestic value added tax, effectively putting the price of live exports from Australia up 10 per cent, look to be thwarted.

Australian exporters attribute the backflip to a massive push on the part of Indonesian feedlot operators and beef retailers to make clear the ramifications of an additional tax on domestic beef prices.

Both Australian and Indonesian cattle industry leaders had warned the proposed move would put significant inflationary pressure on beef, which seemed to run contrary to significant efforts in the South East Asian country to keep inflationary pressure on food in check.

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Former Hunter tennis ace pleads guilty to match-fixing

GUILTY: Former Lake Macquarie tennis star Nick Lindahl.LAKE Macquarie tennis star Nick Lindahl has pleaded guilty in a Sydney court to a corrupt betting chargein a scheme to fix a match in Queensland.
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Lindahl, 27, appeared before Burwood Local Court on Monday accused of offering to “tank” a match so that a former player and friends would win thousands of dollars.

Lindahl was arrested by the NSW Organised Crime Squad at his home in Liberty Grove, in Sydney’s inner west, in February last year. He has been out on bail.

His appearance comes just days after allegations of widespread match fixing rocked the international tennis world on the eve of the Australian Open.

A BBC and BuzzFeed report claimed tennis authorities were repeatedly warned about a core group of 16 players,all of whom have been ranked in the top 50.

Police allege Lindahl offered to tank a match at the Toowoomba Futures Six tournamenton September 11, 2013.

“Mr Lindahl advised two other people … that he was going to tank the tennis match or lose the tennis match and, in providing that information to those people, they were able to place bets to advantage themselves,” Sergeant Kate Young toldthe court.

Lindahl has pleadedguilty to using corrupt conduct /information to bet on an event.

But the former top 200-ranked player and coach will fight accusations he encouraged an associateto dispose of computer data and a mobile phone app that contained information about bets that were placed.

SergeantYoung told the court that Sportingbet became suspicious and suspended betting when a large number of bets began to flood in on what was a relatively minor tennis match between Lindahl and junior player Andrew Corbitt.

She also argued that, through a third party,Lindahloffered to “tank the match” if Corbitt paid him.

The offer was not accepted and the game went ahead.

The magistrate Michelle Goodwin agreed to withdraw two charges of facilitating and engaging in conduct that corrupts the betting outcome of event.

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‘Tony Abbott is no Kevin Rudd’: mixed reaction to news former PM will remain in politics

Tony Abbott’s decision presents problems for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Photo: Jesse MarlowDefiant Tony Abbott reveals he will stay in politicsWhy Tony Abbott’s decision is a potential nightmare for Turnbull
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A key Tony Abbott ally has welcomed the former prime minister’s decision to stay in politics, dismissing suggestions the dumped ex-Liberal leader will seek to destabilise the government like Kevin Rudd did.

Senator Eric Abetz, a former cabinet minister and leader of the government in the Senate, said Mr Abbott had many “good years of service” left in him.

“Tony Abbott is absolutely no Kevin Rudd and therefore, I believe those sorts of analogies are not appropriate in any way, shape or form,” he told ABC radio.

“Kevin Rudd was always about one thing only: Kevin Rudd. Whereas Tony Abbott has always been about one thing, namely the Australian people.”

Mr Abbot, who ended months of speculation over his future on Sunday night, said on Monday morning that he wanted to be discreet about his decision to recontest the safe Sydney seat of Warringah.

“Look, I wanted to keep my renomination as low key as possible so I don’t really have anything to say over and above the statement I put out last night,” he told reporters after his morning bike ride.

Mr Abbott and Mr Rudd are the only former prime ministers since the 1970s to recontest an election following their demotion.

Labor said Mr Abbott’s announcement demonstrated the Liberal Party was “totally obsessed with itself”.

“As hard as Malcolm Turnbull tries to get rid of Tony Abbott, he just can’t. He’s worse than the Terminator, he just keeps coming back,” a spokesman for Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said.

Mr Abetz, who has previously called for Mr Abbott to be given a position on the frontbench, said the former prime minister was not driven by the leadership, seeing it as a privilege and part of his service.

“It should not be destabilising for anybody that an elected parliamentarian aged only 58 is deciding to continue his service to the Australian people,” Mr Abetz said.

Revealing his decision to stay on, Mr Abbott said that 22 years in Parliament had been a great honour and he looked forward to working on local transport projects with NSW Premier Mike Baird.

“I said that I would spend some time talking to family, trusted colleagues and local Liberals about my future. I have been heartened by the support and encouragement I’ve received to continue to serve the country as a member of Parliament,” he said in a statement.

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MH370 search suffers setback after authorities lose ‘towfish’

The ‘fish’ sonar device used in the search for MH370. Posing with the ‘fish’ are Fugro operations manager Paul Kennedy and Fugro managing director Steve Duffield. Photo: Philip Gostelow MH370 vanished in March 2014.
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Search for MH370: full coverage

An underwater sonar vehicle being used to search for the missing MH370 plane has hit an underwater volcano and sunk to the sea floor in a setback for the long-running mission.

In a brief statement, the search team said the $1 million “towfish”, which was being towed underwater by the search ship the Fugro Discovery, struck a mud volcano that rose about 2200 meters above the sea floor in the southern Indian Ocean.

“The towfish and 4500 metres of cable became separated from the vessel and are now resting on the sea floor,” the statement from the Joint Agency Co-ordination Centre said.

There were no injuries to crew. The team believes it will be possible to recover the towfish “at a later date”.

The vehicle is now sitting about 2600 metres below the surface, a spokesman for the JACC said. Its precise location is known.

Asked how it happened, the spokesman said the accident would be “the subject of a thorough review”.

The arrangements for recovering it were yet to be determined but would likely involve a crane and an unmanned underwater vehicle.

The Furgo Discovery is heading back to Fremantle to have a replacement cable installed but is not expected to reach the port until Saturday.

During the journey the spare towfish, which is aboard the ship, will be prepared for deployment.

It would take about 12 days before the ship can begin searching again, the spokesman said.

The towfish is a scanning vehicle that maps the sea floor using “side sonar”, beaming signals to either side and relying on data bouncing back.

The search for the missing plane – regarded as the modern era’s greatest aviation mystery – has been beset by conflicting theories about the disappearance and the repeated raising of false hopes that the wreckage had been found.

In July a piece of wing from the plane was found washed up on the shore of Reunion Island, roughly 3700 kilometres from the location of the underwater search.

The Turnbull government announced in June that the search was being narrowed and indicated it was likely to end by June.

The Malaysian Airlines flight disappeared on March 8, 2014, while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

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Pressure mounts on Clive Palmer as Assistant Minister demands his resignation

Clive Palmer has rejected any suggestion he should step down from Parliament. Photo: Alex EllinghausenEmbattled businessman and politician Clive Palmer is facing increasing calls for him to resign from Parliament amid anger over the fate of his company Queensland Nickel.
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Queensland Liberal MP and Assistant Minister for Science Karen Andrews called on Mr Palmer to step down, saying he had a responsibility to the 550 remaining employees of the nickel refinery just outside Townsville as well as the 237 recently made redundant.

“I think he should resign and he should resign before Parliament resumes next week,” she told Sky News on Monday. “He has major responsibilities at Queensland Nickel.”

Queensland Nickel, understood to be $70 million in debt, was placed in voluntary administration last week and Mr Palmer has been forced to defend more than $20 million in political donations from the company to his Palmer United Party.

It was reported on Monday that Mr Palmer used the alias Terry Smith to continue running his troubled company while insisting publicly that he was staying at “arm’s length” due to his parliamentary duties.

As Mr Palmer resists pressure to resign, there is division inside Queensland’s Liberal-National Party about what he should do, with Nationals-aligned Queensland senator Matt Canavan also suggesting he should choose between politics and business and Liberal MP Ewen Jones dismissing calls for him to quit.

Senator Canavan said that the leader of the Palmer United Party can’t be a “part-time MP” and that both his electorate and employees of his businesses deserve better.

“I think Clive needs to reflect on what he wants to do, does he want to be a full time MP or a businessman?” he said last week.

But Mr Jones, whose electorate of Herbert covers the refinery, says that his colleagues should be focussing on the donations, loans and protecting jobs.

“Let’s step away from the personal attacks and focus on the process here. I’ve got a refinery here that’s still got 550-odd direct employees…who are vitally worried about what’s going on here. Telling Clive to quit Parliament is not going to fix bloody anything,” Mr Jones told Fairfax Media.

Ms Andrews argued that “the reality is that Queensland Nickel, the refinery at Yabulu, is very significant to Townsville and to the economy and I would think that Clive Palmer certainly has a responsibility to make sure that those employees who have already been made redundant are paid their proper entitlements and that he puts in maximum effort to make sure that the remaining employees are going to have secure employment going forward and that’s a full-time job.”

A new poll has put his primary vote in his seat of Fairfax at 2 per cent, compared to 26.5 per cent at the 2013 election, when he won by a mere 53 votes.

Resources Minister Josh Frydenberg said that Ms Andrews made some important points and was entitled to do so but he didn’t back the calls for resignation, saying instead that Mr Palmer has a lot of explaining to do. He did, however, predict Mr Palmer would lose the next election.

“It’s up to Clive Palmer to make that decision whether or not he sees out his term. As to whether he’ll win that seat if he recontests it, I don’t think he will and that’s indicated by the polls earlier today,” he told Sky News.

Mr Frydenberg said the government was focused on the long-term welfare of the refinery employees, citing the offer of $500,000 to help sacked workers find new jobs.

Mr Palmer has rejected any suggestion he should step down from Parliament.

“There’s no reason why I wouldn’t run. There are a lot of people in the electorate that have given me a lot of support,” Mr Palmer told ABC radio on Monday, having blamed the falling cost of nickel and the Queensland government for the job losses at Yabulu.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has said that anyone who refuses to pay workers’ entitlements or repay creditors is a “disgrace” and that addressing those issues should be his priority.

“Money that’s owed through leave and other entitlements is money earned by the workers, and it should be there for them. If you’re there in the good times, you have an obligation to be there in the bad times too,” he said on Monday.

“Anyone who refuses to pay workers’ entitlements or leaves small business creditors in the lurch is a disgrace.”

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Department warning on tradesman

Luke Vincent Rigby
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NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe has warned consumersnot to deal with Hunter-based tradesmanLuke Vincent Rigby.

Mr Stowe said Fair Trading was concerned Mr Rigby, whotradesunder the unregistered business name, Decorative Perfection Concreting,may be seeking to trade without a licence despite him and his associated companies being convicted in 2015 of a number of offences under the Australian Consumer Law andHome Building Act 1989.

“Mr Rigby is still under investigation by Fair Trading,” Mr Stowesaid.

Mr Rigby and two companies of which he was a sole director, Mastercrete Concrete Constructions Pty Ltd and Miami Pools Newcastle Pty Limited, were collectively ordered to pay $16,598 fines and costs by Newcastle Local Court on April 24, 2015. Compensation of $4,500 was awarded to one consumer.

Mr Rigby and his companies had beencontracted to do various pool and concreting work for a number of consumers in the Hunter Valley region but had failed to carry out the work and/or return monies owed.

Mr Rigby was also issued with four penalty infringement notices worth $4000 for Home Building Act breaches. Three were issued in 2011 and one in 2012. Mr Rigby’s contractor licence for general concreting was cancelled by Fair Trading on 23 April 2015.

Mastercrete’s contractor licence in general concreting was suspended on January 20,2014 for unpaid Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal orders. Mastercrete Concrete Constructions Pty Ltd is now de-registered.

Fair Trading said Mr Rigby had a history of threatening consumers who complain about the quality of his work.

He was convicted and fined $1000 at Belmont Local Court on March 12,2014for using a telecommunications device to threaten and intimidate a consumer who had asked him to finish a job.

Mr Stowe said consumers should only deal with licensed traders for categories of work requiring such authorisation and should verify licence details.

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Big Boy comes to the aid of patients bitten by funnel webs

Big Boy will help with the Australian Reptile Park’s venom milking program. Photo: SuppliedHis nickname is Big Boy and it’s not hard to see why.
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Measuring 7.5 centimetre across, this whopping specimen is the largest male funnel web spider ever to have been dropped off at John Hunter Hospital as part of the Australian Reptile Park’s venom milking program.

Big Boy was found in Newcastle bushland recently with venom dripping from his sizeable fangs

His venom will be used to make antivenom that will help save the lives of those who have been bitten by the potentially deadly creatures.

Since 1981, the Australian Reptile Park’s antivenom program has been collecting funnel web venom, which is sent annually to CSL Bio, a biopharmaceutical company that creates antivenom.

Each year, the aim is to collect 300 male funnel webs to provide 3000 milkings, but in the past few years that number has been declining, with the park able to milk only about 200 funnel webs last year.

Reptile Park head curator Liz Vella said the park was always ready to receive spiders for milking.

“January and February are the peak times when male funnel web spiders are out trying to find females to mate [with] and, given that only males can be milked, we really encourage local communities to hand them in to the Australian Reptile Park or to participating hospital drop-off centres within this peak season,” Ms Vella said.

“Funnel web spiders only live for 12 months so we’re constantly needing to restock our males.

“They’re often found in sheltered, shady spots, which are always cool, humid and often damp.

“They are a feisty species of spider and can be expected to stand their ground and defend themselves. For that reason we encourage adults to educate children that, should they locate a spider of any kind, parental assistance be provided in the capture.”

The venom of a funnel web spider has a severe impact on the respiratory system. It attacks the muscles of the heart, which causes a spike in blood pressure, making the muscles spasm.

While the Australian Reptile Park will accept any spider brought in by the public, it aims to collect mainly males because their venom is six times more toxic than that of females.

The park has drop-off zones in Sydney, the Central Coast and Newcastle.

The centres are provided with a spider safety kit to house the spiders until Australian Reptile Park staff can come and pick them up each week.

The Australian Reptile Park website features an online safety and capture video to help with the collection and delivery of funnel web spiders.

The Newcastle Herald

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Mud flies as WestConnex landfill stoush escalates

Stills from the WestConnex imagery showing the St Peters interchange. Photo: WestConnex Delivery AuthorityWhen the organisation set up to build the WestConnex motorway acquired a former landfill site in St Peters for a road interchange, it knew it would be taking on a substantial task of land remediation.
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But it might not have known that it was also entering into long and difficult months of disputes with the former owner of the site – disputes now heading for the Land and Environment Court.

The NSW government has since accused the former owner of the site, Dial A Dump Industries, with not complying with clean-up notices at the area. The company alleges the government is over-stating the remediation concerns to reduce the valuation of the site.

Emails between the WestConnex Delivery Authority and Dial A Dump Industries, the former owner of the site, shed light on the breakdown in the relationship between the parties, which could have an impact on the overall cost of the motorway.

In June last year, the chief executive of the WestConnex Delivery Authority, Dennis Cliche, wrote to the owner of Dial A Dump, Ian Malouf, to hold out an olive branch.

“If you are in the country, I’d like to catch up for an unofficial chat about where things area heading and to see if we can’t save us all some legal fees,” wrote Mr Cliche, in emails obtained using freedom of information laws.

But Mr Malouf was “somewhere in Europe” with an uncertain return date, replied the company’s chief operating officer, Christopher Biggs.

“As you perhaps appreciate, though relations between this organisation and WDA started well they finished badly,” Mr Biggs wrote to Mr Cliche.

“Nevertheless I think there should be scope for a without prejudice private chat as you have indicated.” That chat, however, appears to have failed to amount to much.

Mr Biggs told Fairfax Media last week that WDA’s initial offer to buy the site was about one-quarter of what Dial A Dump valued it at. That offer was reduced to about 10 per cent of Dial A Dump’s valuation when remediation costs were added – remediation costs said by Mr Biggs to be inflated.

“We had … plans to redevelop the land,” said Mr Biggs. “It was to be a waste transfer station.”

Emails between the two parties show frosty negotiations concerning Dial A Dump’s ability to remove its property from the site after it was compulsorily acquired in late 2014.

When Dial a Dump wanted access to the site to recover its items, some of which needed Environmental Protection Agency approval to remove, it was not impressed with WDA’s licence conditions.

“I would remind you that DADI did not attempt in any way to create such barriers to access for WDA when DADI had possession of the site and allowed WDA access on multiple occasions for the purposes of drilling bores and inspecting the site generally,” the company’s solicitor, Alicia Marix-Evans, wrote to WestConnex contractor David Barone in early January late last year.

Dial A Dump eventually removed 12 skip bins of asbestos-contaminated material at its own cost, but only after months of negotiations and delays and the eventual approval of the Environment Protection Authority.

According to the Sydney Motorway Corporation, the agency that has inherited the project from the WestConnex Delivery Authority, the government has spent more than $50 million cleaning the site in the past year.

“This is an old landfill site where the previous owners had responsibilities to correctly manage and dispose of asbestos-containing stockpiles,” a spokeswoman said.

“In fact, in the four years before the property was acquired by WDA, the EPA issued numerous clean-up notices to the landfill site licensee in relation to stockpiles containing asbestos and these notices did not appear to have been complied with,” she said.

In a response for this story, Mr Biggs said that the previous owner implemented a succesful clean up of the site approved by the EPA in 2011.

“Sydney Motorway Corporation has to pay compensation on just terms for the land and for disruption of the business which employed over 100 people,” Mr Biggs said. “It is in Sydney Motor Corporation’s interests to try to minimise that compensation by misrepresenting the facts,” he said.

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Five ways to increase your work fitness

Holidays allow us to move more organically and when they end it can take time to settle back into the rhythm of work and the year ahead.
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This is especially true if your natural rhythm is out of sync with the rhythms of the working day.

Whatever the case may be, it can be a challenge to to start sitting again for eight to 10 hours a day.

It can be just as mentally challenging to reset and refocus.

More than one in four Aussies are concerned about the impact of their work environment on their personal health, according to Medibank research.

So what can we do differently this year and how can we making easing back in as pain-free, healthful and positive as possible?

Here are five mental and physical shifts you can make to become work-fit.

1. Make the decision that you’d like to do things differently

A mindful approach to the way we work, as in our personal life, can create a little more space and make for a more pleasant existence.

If you are easily frustrated at work, for instance, or want to create better relationships with colleagues, becoming aware of how you operate is the starting point for change.

“Mindfulness helps us short-circuit that mindless reaction,” ABC news anchor Dan Harris says in his app 10 per cent Happier.

“You can start to see … ‘Oh my chest is buzzing, my ears are burning, I’m experiencing a starburst of self-righteous thoughts. I’m getting angry’, but you don’t have to bite the hook.”

The point is not to, as Harris puts it, become “a lifeless non-judgmental blob”. When we respond rather than reacting, we can untangle the strings that make us puppets to our emotions.

Sometimes you need to take stern action if you’ve been wronged, Harris explains. But, making the choice to practice mindfulness means “you can wisely respond to the situation rather than blindly react”.

2. Drink more 

If mindfulness doesn’t work, wine will.

No, I jest. It really won’t … well, sometimes, but that’s not what we’re talking about.

“Keep a jug of cold water on your desk,” Happy Body At Work founder and director Anna-Louise Bouvier​ says. “It keeps you hydrated and your bladder will remind you its time to move!”

Hydrate, move and pick up your mood.

“One of the contributing factors to a dip in mood and energy levels is due to dehydration – making it hard to focus on the task at hand,” Medibank medical director Dr Kevin Cheng says.

Bouvier also suggests using coffee as a chance to get up and stay up. “When you grab that coffee … stand to drink it. Take advantage of standing benches in cafes and common areas,” she suggests.

3. Meet up

Take phone calls on your feet and have walking meetings. It’s a simple, easy way to shake up the fact that most of us are sedentary for about 80 per cent of our day.

“The phrase ‘think on your feet’ is so true,” Bouvier says. “Standing boosts your energy and concentration – just what you need for those important calls.”

“A recent study found that replacing sedentary behaviour with walking or moderate-to-vigorous physical activity significantly reduced the mortality risk for adults aged 45 and above,” adds Cheng. “So, consider taking a walking meeting with colleagues, a standing brainstorm or even taking the long-route to the printer or water cooler.”

Meeting up for a lunch break is also worthwhile – not just for the feed, but for your work fitness.

“76 per cent of people we survey eat lunch at their desk,” Bouvier says.

“This is a disaster. It will make you more tired and less productive in the afternoon. Take a mind and body break and get outside into the sun and fresh air, even for 15 minutes. You will feel so much brighter and more energised for the rest of the day.”

Cheng agrees. “Taking a lunch break will not only improve your health, but also reduce your levels of stress and improve productivity,” he says.

4. Get a sit-stand desk

Creating more wellness at work isn’t necessarily about big changes.

New research from the University of Sydney found that replacing one hour of sitting a day with one hour of standing decreased the chance of an early death by about 14 per cent.

A sit-stand desk (Bouvier herself recently got a Varidesk) is a great way to move between your bottom and your feet, she says.

“Regularly moving between sitting and standing takes the load off your back, increases your metabolism and helps boost your concentration (especially when you are dreaming of being back on the beach!).”

5. Begin again

New research by Duke University shows that habits are even harder to break than we realise.

Any time we’re trying to create mental or physical change in our lives we have to accept that it is likely to be a process. So the ability to begin again – many times over – until we form healthier, happier ways of being, at work and at home, is important.

Meditation teacher and author Joseph Goldstein uses the concept of beginning again in regards to mindfulness in the 10% Happier app, but it’s a concept that can equally apply it to other behaviours or habits.

Notice the thoughts that drive your behaviour, whether it’s planning, judging, thinking, worrying, reacting.

We inevitably slip back into old patterns of thought or behaviour at work. But with practice we can begin to “wake up” to those patterns and begin again – each hour, day and week.

“More than that, it can give you a real advantage,” Dan Harris says of mindful action at work. “It might even make you nicer in the process.

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How to survive for 60 years

The Hunter Research Foundation (HRF) this year marks its 60th anniversary. This is an amazing feat for a non-profit, independent research organisation that is unique, certainly in Australia and possibly the world.
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So what lessons can HRF’s longevity impart to local businesses?

1.Fulfill a needSince 1956, HRF has provided information that no one else was. From physical data on the Hunter Valley to economic and social analysis, its work has informed people striving to create growth and prosperity. What does your business offer and what sets it apart from its competitors?

2.Move with the timesHRF has reinvented its business model under each of its leaders, adapting to its stakeholders’ changing needs and incorporating new technology to remain competitive. Is your business adapting to a new globally connected world by using technology?

3.ConnectednessHRF has survived for 60 years through its connection to the community, to local and state government, and to industry and businesses through sponsorship and client partnerships. How strong are your connections to your customers, staff, community – both within the Hunter and beyond?

Like all other businesses, HRF continues to adapt and change in a rapidly evolving world to find a sustainable model that will enable us to support the Hunter to survive and thrive. Our 60th year is one in which we celebrate our (and the region’s) past successes and difficult times. But we must look forward.

FOCUS: Dr Brent Jenkins, CEO of the Hunter Research Foundation, has played an integral part in its 60 years of operation. Picture: Marina Neil

It is a year when all businesses, especially those that have a long history, need to embrace innovation and new thinking. It is a risk to rely on what made us successful in the past guiding us into the future.

Dr Brent Jenkins is CEO of HRF.To read HRF’s Hunter Economic Indicators, visit 梧桐夜网hrf南京夜网419论坛.For more HRF Research insights subscribe to #HRFInsights newsletter. Continue reading

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