CBD: Dunk Island may provide the missing Linc for Peter Bond

Peter Bond left the board of Linc Energy in the lead up to Christmas. Photo: Dallas Kilponen DAK Illo for CBD column – Jan 25 2016 Photo: Shakespeare

And here we were thinking CBD could slink off for a few weeks rest without the financial world going to hell in a hand basket.

Not everything went pear-shaped as publicly as Dick Smith Electronics, as well as its former boss Nick Abboud, or, Woolies’ not-so Masterful hardware strategy.

Then there was the realisation that China’s economy is a bit crook. Don’t tell Nathan Tinkler who is trying to pick up another local coal mine.

As for Clive Palmer, his story will have many more twists and turns this year.

Not everyone waited until the New Year to flag that we can expect plenty of fun this year.

Peter Bond must have thanked his lucky stars that his abrupt departure from unconventional gas explorer, Linc Energy, in the lead up to Christmas did not make a splash.

The former BRW Rich Lister was deposed as chairman in favour of someone by the name of Mark Leahy, and it appears they could not find a spare seat for Bond at the boardroom table.

Maybe Bond should have kept Linc on the ASX after all, rather than departing in a huff for its Singaporean counterpart in 2013.

A country that bans chewing gum because of litter concerns was always going to have trouble digesting the dire environmental contamination charges dogging Linc’s underground coal gasification plant near Chinchilla, Queensland.

At least the pre-Christmas departure would have allowed Bond to focus more on his more environmentally friendly side-project: Dunk Island.

Bond picked up the island for $7.5 million in 2011 after the resort was wiped out by Cyclone Yasi​, and has reportedly spent around $20 million tarting up the joint. He was selling its virtues to the press late last year with the promise it would be open for business early this year.

Judging by the Dunk Island website, not everything is going to plan at the budding luxury spa retreat.

The web site reports that the new web site is not quite ready, and it appears that they are having trouble handling day trippers and campers who have to email in their requests to visit.

“Please note that the end of financial year is a very busy time for our admin staff and our response may not be as fast as you would like but don’t panic, all requests shall be processed in the order we receive them,” it says.

“We apologise for this disruption and request you have some patience during this period.”

So, we assume a chakra rebalance and pedicure are out of the question Mr Bond?

There are worse fates of course.

Ask former NAB boss, Cameron Clyne, last seen on the day before Christmas, clinging to an XBox Guitar Hero and Smiggle bag while braving the thronging masses of humanity at the JB HiFi shop at Westfield Bondi Junction

It was always going to take more than a pair of thongs and a three day growth to disguise someone of the stature of the former NAB boss.

Not everyone has been a loser from the recent ructions.

CBD would like to send out a big hooroo to Grant O’Brien. He is still Woolies’ boss and is almost guaranteed to outlast the hardware business that forced his resignation and triggered the abrupt resignation of his former chairman, Ralph Waters.

With potential candidates fleeing at the thought of taking the reins from O’Brien, he may yet remain in the big chair until his cushy pension package kicks in later this year. Aussie, Aussie

And it is a pity it is too late to support a worthy campaign for Australian of the Year – as judged by Rupert Murdoch’s rag, The Australian – obviously to compensate for the leftie bias of the real award.

“Is it about time a miner was Australian of the Year? Well we think so,” say the boys and girls at the Sydney Mining Club.

And need we ask which particular miner they have in mind?

It should be no surprise that Gina Rinehart is on the list.

“Anyone who completed construction of a $100m mine in 2015 deserves great salutation.

“Gina finished a $10,000m mine at the end of a perilous journey spanning two decades. It will only take a minute, give her your vote of appreciation,” said the club.

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