Don’t underestimate the benefits of protein intake

Protein is an essential nutrient which helps form the structural component of body tissues and is used within manybiological processes.

These processes make enzymes and antibodies to help us fight infection as well as DNA,the building blocks to life. It’s also needed to make up muscle tissue which in turn helps to keep our bodies active,strong, and healthy.

Protein is found in dairy, meat, eggs, fish, beans and nuts, as well as in our protein shakes and bars.

A sensible approachto meeting your daily protein requirements is to include a combination of these foods within your diet every day.

Agood way to gauge how much protein we need is generally 1-1.2grams of protein per kilo of bodyweight for individualsnot heavily involved in sports;1.5grams per kilo of bodyweight for people involved in moderate to high activity; and1.8grams + per kilo of bodyweight for athletes who are breaking down and reforming muscle tissue day in day out.

Sources of protein: A sensible approach to meeting your daily requirements is to include a combination of protein-rich foods within your diet every day.

Most protein is stored in the body as muscle, generally accounting for around 40-45 per centof our body’s total pool, so itmakes sense that if you increase activity, perform resistance-based movement and improve health and fitness or bodycomposition, you also need to consider protein as an important food group in your diet.


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