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It is a legally recognised marriage. The legal status from their country of origin should apply not Australian law. The fact we recognise all other marriages but don’t apply the same recognition to legal same-sex marriages is wrong and the law must change.

Carol facebook老域名出售/smh

Irrespective of one’s view on gay marriage domestically, I believe all marriages solemnised abroad should be recognised in Australia.

Taro facebook老域名出售/smh

Just change the marriage act to “two consenting adults”, honestly, it’s that simple. Makes a few people happy and it affects no one else.

Kim facebook老域名出售/smh

It’s not discrimination it’s the law! You must respect the law of the country you are in.

Stuart facebook老域名出售/smh

I don’t mind a plebiscite. Let the people decide or we may as well make this country a dictatorship.

​Franz facebook老域名出售/smh

I mind a plebiscite, it costs a fortune. It’s a simple change to the Marriage Act to “two consenting adults”. It simply needs to be done.

Kim facebook老域名出售/smh

When are we going to grow up and change our laws to recognise same-sex marriage, this is sad and disgraceful.

Gail facebook老域名出售/smh

That poor man. To lose his husband and then to be treated like this. It’s an absolute disgrace. Get your act together government.

Sharon facebook老域名出售/smh

Can we move on and just be human to each other for once. I am so sick of all these artificial obstructions we put in front of people. This just undermines everything I believe about Australian’s empathy and compassion.

William facebook老域名出售/smh

That’s the law. Deal with it. Why do we all have to make special allowances for homosexuals?

Pamela facebook老域名出售/smh

Australia showing how backward it really is. It’s time to legalise marriage equality.

Simon facebook老域名出售/smh

Our children will look back on our society’s treatment of homosexuals the way we look back on the treatment of African-Americans in the segregated South. It is irrational and despicable.

Rodney facebook老域名出售/smh

Why is it discrimination when it is following an Australian law?

Lina facebook老域名出售/smh

Ridiculous. Even if same-sex marriage isn’t allowed in a state, or a country, if they are legally married elsewhere then they should put it on the death certificate. They were married, just not in Australia! I got married in Bali, does that mean it doesn’t count even though we were told it was legally binding in Australia?

Karyn facebook老域名出售/smh

Come on Australia … catch up with the rest if the world. How horrendous for the grieving hubby.

Sarah facebook老域名出售/smh

Australian law doesn’t recognise same-sex marriage, so let’s keep to two issues separate and that doesn’t take away from a terrible situation for the man that lost his life. After all the little bleeding hearts out there calm perhaps the nation can hold a referendum on the issue and we the Australian people can find out what the majority want. Can’t be fairer than that.

Aaron facebook老域名出售/smh

This is shameful. If their marriage is legal in their own country it should be recognised here. What a horribly cruel way to treat a couple. Embarrassed to be a South Aussie.

Birgitta facebook老域名出售/smh

Why is Australia so behind with everything? I don’t understand how same-sex marriage affects anyone outside the actual marriage.

Chris facebook老域名出售/smh

Instead of worrying about worldwide atrocities such as mass murder, rape, starvation, killing of children and women, let us sit and discuss the issue of same-sex marriage.

Christopher facebook老域名出售/smh

Shame on Australian authorities at a time of such devastating grief! Time to change your laws Australia and catch up to the rest of the world.

Sharon facebook老域名出售/smh


One day the right holders will realise that when they stop people from paying to access their content, they don’t usually go and find another method of paying for it, they go and find a way to get it for free.

Ashley facebook老域名出售/smh

Why are people paying money to be restricted from content?

Jason facebook老域名出售/smh

This is only going to push more Aussies to piracy, if they want to get people to pay for content, then give us more content and quit the whole “geo-blocking” nonsense.

Lucy facebook老域名出售/smh

Why don’t they spend that effort and cost on bringing their Australian catalogue up to a standard where people don’t have to try and gain access to other areas’ Netflix?

Kieran facebook老域名出售/smh

They acknowledge the current distribution agreements are archaic and their days are numbered. Then they go and enforce geo-blocking for people still willing to pay for their service. Seems strange to me.

Dmitry facebook老域名出售/smh

Get Stan it’s far better than Netflix anyway and Aussie made.

Craig facebook老域名出售/smh

If they want us to stay with them, they have to enlarge the library. Dead boring once you’ve watched all the good stuff.

Don facebook老域名出售/smh

Surely they have enough clout to make it happen one way or another even if we end up paying more for our subscriptions. I’d pay more for more content. I’d prefer to stream and watch legally.

Di facebook老域名出售/smh

Give us the same service and we wouldn’t have to cheat the system. Would you like us to take our business elsewhere?

Andrew facebook老域名出售/smh

Just cancelled … Bad move Netflix!

Ray facebook老域名出售/smh

Improve your services in Australia and provide more content!

Kyria facebook老域名出售/smh

We pay more than America and get less. Solid work Netflix.

​Kiiley facebook老域名出售/smh

Just quit Netflix. See you on the flip side.

Nicklas facebook老域名出售/smh

There is still Presto, Stan, Crackle and others who have mostly the same content.

Sarah facebook老域名出售/smh


So why haven’t they banned gambling on these corrupt sports?

Zee facebook老域名出售/smh


I have been so stupid losing all of my tennis matches for free.

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