How to survive for 60 years

The Hunter Research Foundation (HRF) this year marks its 60th anniversary. This is an amazing feat for a non-profit, independent research organisation that is unique, certainly in Australia and possibly the world.

So what lessons can HRF’s longevity impart to local businesses?

1.Fulfill a needSince 1956, HRF has provided information that no one else was. From physical data on the Hunter Valley to economic and social analysis, its work has informed people striving to create growth and prosperity. What does your business offer and what sets it apart from its competitors?

2.Move with the timesHRF has reinvented its business model under each of its leaders, adapting to its stakeholders’ changing needs and incorporating new technology to remain competitive. Is your business adapting to a new globally connected world by using technology?

3.ConnectednessHRF has survived for 60 years through its connection to the community, to local and state government, and to industry and businesses through sponsorship and client partnerships. How strong are your connections to your customers, staff, community – both within the Hunter and beyond?

Like all other businesses, HRF continues to adapt and change in a rapidly evolving world to find a sustainable model that will enable us to support the Hunter to survive and thrive. Our 60th year is one in which we celebrate our (and the region’s) past successes and difficult times. But we must look forward.

FOCUS: Dr Brent Jenkins, CEO of the Hunter Research Foundation, has played an integral part in its 60 years of operation. Picture: Marina Neil

It is a year when all businesses, especially those that have a long history, need to embrace innovation and new thinking. It is a risk to rely on what made us successful in the past guiding us into the future.

Dr Brent Jenkins is CEO of HRF.To read HRF’s Hunter Economic Indicators, visit 老站出售hrf老域名出售备案老域名.For more HRF Research insights subscribe to #HRFInsights newsletter.

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