Letters to the Editor

Still much not to be proud ofWe have examples of splendid projects bringing a variety of benefits to both the newcomers to our land and our communities. It amazes me that we have neglected to embrace these old and new enterprises still further by duplication. Much has been developed by the caring people of Australia. Here is an opportunity for the innovation the Prime Minister calls for to grow our nation.

INTERNATIONAL SHAME Keeping innocent children behind bars is one of the indictments on a free country people should think about this Australia Day.

This Australia day we will again celebrate the blessings we are proud of, but we also bear the recent shame and stain that fear and harsh political action has created. No pride there, the world has been judging us, none too kindly, perhaps in ignorance of our past endeavours. It is the present that counts now.

We have so many sad and discouraged families kept indefinitely in very grim environments none of us would wish to endure. Do they deserve this? They could well have been contributing to our social and economic benefit. Instead we wish to send them on to anyone who will take them, many good people, likely embittered, sadly some broken in mind and body. The spirit becomes broken when living with no hope.

Where there is a will there is a way, an old saying. At this time of celebration can we not close a chapter? Forget losing face politically, start afresh with the compassionate caring required, yet keep a just and diligent application in assessing those who need a home, to allow some to find and cherish what many others found and now enjoy in this land of ours.

June Johnson Alfredton.

water levels only part of the problemWhilst your article regarding the current state of Lake Wendouree rightly highlights the forward planning that sees some inflow into the lake, some questions need to be asked. Perhaps your reporter could ask Council why at the start of October a significant amount of water was released from the lake when both short and long term forecasts predicted a period of below average rainfall. Yes the lake was overfull at that point of time, but to see the lake level purposely dropped defies logic from any angle. The weed in the lake in currently bordering on “out of control” and this coupled with the low water level creates a huge problem, which to some extent is of Councils own making.

Barry Halsall,ALFREDTON

who is to blame?For anyone who has an interest in politics it is a well known fact that new and innovative thinking is the key to progress.If you sit still, you wither and die in political terms. That’s why it is so important for politicians from all sides to not just be critics, but be part of the solution.

I keep thinking of this analogy when I read comments in the Courier from Liberal MP Josh Morris.It seems that Mr Morris has become a one trick pony.Actually to be fair, he’s a two trick pony.His first trick is to bleat on about VicRoads relocating to Ballarat.

The idea on the surface is not a bad one, but if it were so vitally important for Ballarat, why didn’t his party deliver it? They were in office for four years and didn’t deliver.It’s easy to talk about relocating VicRoads, but harder to deliver.

His second trick is the constant negativity about Ballarat’s rail service. He’s partly right. There are some problems, especially in the past week. There are too many delays and the latest issue with wheel wear is very inconvenient for commuters. But I don’t think he’s ever admitted that part of the problem is the lack of rolling stock left by his Liberal cronies.Not one new V/Locity train or carriage was ordered under the previous government.

I’m really glad Josh Morris is so passionate about the train service.It’s a shame he didn’t show the same passion when he was Mayor of Ballarat in the dying days of the Liberal National Government.

Craig Wilson,Beaufort.

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