Marijuana: The life tip Kim Cattrall took from SATC’s Samantha Jones

Kim Cattrall says she has “more than tried marijuana” and that it makes you feel relaxed in “intimate situations”. Photo: Grant Lamos IV Cattrall said she “would love to do” a Sex and the City 3 adding: “It’s so much fun, the clothes…”

Sex and the City creator says Carrie and Big getting together ‘betrayed’ series

It might have been almost six years since Kim Cattrall got to play Sex and the City favourite Samantha Jones, but the English-Canadian actress is still taking some life tips from the uninhibited public relations executive.

The 59-year-old opened up on Friday to Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson on KIIS 1065 on everything from why Carrie Bradshaw and Mr Big were meant for each other to smoking marijuana like her former open-minded, devilish character.

On air to speak about playing an entirely different role on Netflix’s Sensitive Skin, callers to the show reverted back to the proud, confident and highly sexual woman she has become so well-known for portraying.

One of the first questions she was asked was if she likes marijuana too.

“Let’s just say that I have more than tried marijuana and I took a tip from Samantha – when you’re in an intimate situation it can certainly make you feel more relaxed,” she said.

“But it can also make you feel a little paranoid too. I don’t imbibe that much, to me it’s like having a great glass of wine or some kind of epicurean experience.

“Especially now you can get marijuana in different tastes and flavours, it’s becoming like a wine itself,” Cattrall said.

However, she added there are side effects: “Alcohol can be a depressant, but marijuana you’ll stand at the corner thinking everyone is looking at me.”

She said she “would love to do” a Sex and the City 3 adding: “It’s so much fun, the clothes…

“I think the hardest thing to do would be to write the script, where would we go? It went to so many different places… It would be pretty tough… If we could get it together, it would be a blast.”

She disagreed with SATC producer Darren Star, who recently said in a Kindle Singles interview that he felt like Carrie and Mr Big getting married “betrayed what it was about, which was that women don’t ultimately find happiness from marriage. Not that they can’t. But the show initially was going off script from the romantic comedies that had come before it. That’s what had made women so attached.”

Cattrall put it down to John James Preston, who was played by Chris Noth, and his persistence for Carrie, played by Sarah Jessica Parker.

“I thought that they did actually [belong together]… He would not go away, he kept coming back and he wasn’t just a bad penny, he keeps coming back,” she said about Mr Big.

“I think they were intended for each other, not that relationships are ever easy, but I think that they would ultimately make it.”

But she wished for the same happy ending for Ms Jones.

“I sort of felt the whole Richard Wright [James Remar] thing was really hard going for Samantha because it was so hard for her,” said Cattrall.

“Obviously they didn’t end up together, but I sort of always wanted her to be with a man who was as powerful as she was.

“I liked Smith [Jason Lewis], I thought he had a real heart and he was good for her, but I think ultimately she needed a man as strong as her and she decided she couldn’t wait for that and she wanted to be on her own and good for her.

“I always wanted her to be with someone who was her match and I don’t think she ever really found that.”

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