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Hot work for dogsIf you ever flicked off your thongs to pad across a hot beach to the water, you’d know that sand underfoot can be bloody hot.

Maybe we’ve left our shoes in the car and dashed across a blistering car park to pick up a loaf of bread at Woolies.

We all know the feeling.

On the Pulse certainly has experienced the feeling of sitting on a metal chair in a backyard left to bake in the sun when your shorts were not quite long enough. Ouch!

So it is with dogs.

Too many dogs have been spotted around Inverell lately tied in the back of utes with beds like a skillet of hot exposed metal sitting in the sun.

Couple things to know about that particular situation. When a dog is tied on the back of a ute, without shade, it has no place to go where it can take the pressure off the hot metal underfoot. It’s hot, hot, hot everywhere it can turn on the end of its tether.

And just like those eggs cooking on the bonnet of a car, paw pads can be burned. Thirdly, we all know dogs pant to cool, but their paws are the only place on their body that sweats, and helps them cool off.

Take away that ability, plus tying them in a position they can’t find a cool spot of relief, well, it might have been unintentional, but in the end, it sure ain’t fair on our four legged friends.

After all, if they had a choice, we know they’d be under that truck like a New York minute.

So folks, if you take your dog to town, find a shady spot, and fit out that ute with a rubber mat. Even if you need to park for a few minutes in the sun, at least that rubber won’t do the damage done by a red-hot metal tray.

Good job at libraryOn the Pulse would like to give out a shout to the staff of Inverell Public Library because they seem to do such a great job providing activities for our children throughout the year.

The awards for the Junior Reading Challenge on Wednesday morning were a really great event for the kids, who read more than 2000 books between them.

This sort of thing is done in-house by library staff and On the Pulse thinks perhaps they don’t get enough pats on the back for their professionalism, ability and community support. So to all the staff at the library, a big well done and you have our yay for the day.

On a purely unrelated matter, can On the Pulse now pay that fine with a can of baked beans, or are we too late for Food for Fines? Which is another great thing you do so well, On the Pulse hastens to add.

Nothing to laugh atOn the Pulse was saddened to learn that comedy as a genre was on the decline last year in Australia, according to the latest Roy Morgan research. Seems only 50 per cent of Australians now look for something funny to watch, read or listen to, and that’s down from 54 per cent in 2011. Queenslanders suffered the most. In 2011 58 per cent of them loved a good laugh, but that dropped off to 52 per cent by 2015.

Whether or not that had anything to do with their losses in the State Of Origin series remains unclear, however, On the Pulse has noticed a certain ‘grumpiness’ surrounding Maroon supporters on this side of the border lately (On the Pulse means that in the most sympathetic way of course).

But using On the Pulse logic, the blame for all this can be put directly at the feet of television. These days, TV bombards the viewer with ‘reality’ shows and some handle the reality therein with such wild abandon that they could be classified as comedy.

The good news is in NSW the percentages have only fallen by two points, and On the Pulse has obvoiusly had absolutely nothing to do with that.

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