Short Takes for Saturday, January 23, 2016

WHY do the Jets and Knights lose so many players. Is Newcastle that unfashionable? The Pittsburgh Steelers have a similar demographic but have still wonseveral Super Bowls. As a local, I think it’s a great place to live. Have a look around the A-League. If you brought back the players who’ve left us, we’d have a winning team. I’d suggest Newcastle is a great place for a player at the end of his career to retire or start a family, but not a young bloke to be a superstar, unless he’s bred here.

Mark Deller, MerewetherCLIMATE change divides the populist and the science community, so Ithink Peter Lewis was off the mark with his cartoon (23/1). On the same day the Herald ran an articleindicating how the temperature has occasionally spiked over the last 48 years, with a maximum variation of 1.5 degrees. I believe blamingcoalin a public forum such as a cartoon is an abuse of power, especially in a region so reliant on the industry.

Tony Mansfield,LambtonWHY would they put four extra carriages on five services daily on theHamilton to Sydney line when the trains can’t even run on time as they are. Commuters need to get to work.

Glen Morgan,MayfieldDRIVINGthrough Fern Bay I saw one of those signs,“Bugger off Nelmes”, and thought Ineed to get one. We don’t want to merge with Port Stephens Council either.Newcastle council isin enough mess. You can have too many clowns in a circus.

Colin Geatches,MayfieldRE the ShortTake by Julia Riseleyabout the Shooters and Fishers Party MP(20/1):Let’s hope this karma does not also apply to those who wish harm on others becausebeliefs orlifestyles differ from theirown.

Rick Thornton,StocktonLIKE him or hate him, Bruce MacKenzie has taken Port Stephens Council out of the financial doldrums others are facing.It is pleasing to see infrastructure projects benefit locals and tourists and there’smuch more to do. If Newcastle council wants to come on board as a junior partner, we may consider it. But amalgamation? No thanks.

Gerry Mohan, Shoal BayIF the present federal member for Hunter, Joel Fitzgibbon (ALP),is as good as his party thinks he is,let him take on Bob Baldwin (Liberal)in the new revised seat of Paterson and maybe do some footwork and win the seat back for Labor. I am sure he would be able to find a nice house in the Maitland area or have a seachange and look around the Nelson Bay area.

Robert Bowne,Marks PointLETTER OF THE WEEKTHIS week’s Letter of the Week goes to Lorraine Penfold, of Wallsend, for letter on helping thoseless fortunate. YourHeraldpen is in the mail.

TEXTALL of you, take up my yoke and learn from me, because I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for yourselves.For my yoke iseasy and my burden is light.

Matthew 11:29-30

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