Tegan shares ‘teen battle’ to help girls

TO anyonewondering how twomodelscouldstrengthena young girl’s self esteem, Tegan Martin points to her ownanxiousteens.

The Newcastle-born Miss Universe finalistwill bein her hometown next month withMiss USANia Sanchez to runUniversal Confidence, amotivationalworkshop for girls thatthe pairdevised afterbecoming friends atthe 2014 pageant.

The advice they will offer is informed by their ownexperiences.

“I had a difficult time in school,”Martin, 23, said.

“I most certainly didn’t have model looks, and I was tangled up in a very draining group of friends in year seven to eight. I went through a stage where I didn’t want to go at all.”

Since entering the realm of celebrity on the back of reaching theMiss Universe top 10, Martin has receiveda growingamount ofmail fromgirls seeking image advice.

A message last week, she said, came from a girl whowanted to be a model but was bullied about her weight.

“The fact that young girls feel pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty and sizes is really sad,”Martin said.

“We all face difficult times growing up,and Nia and Iare very open about our own teen battles.”

The model duo, witha combined240,000 followers on Instagram, say theyhavehad to learn resilience.

Martin lost a friend to suicide at15, and suffered“a period of extreme body confidence issues”as shelived and modelledinParis.

More recently, shehasweathered a string of salacious mediareports onthe ups and downs of her relationship with former partnerAngus Hood, amidrumours of tearson the set of NBN’sThe Celebrity Apprentice Australia.

In hindsight, shesaid, “I can see that itcertainly made me a stronger person”.

The Jewellsmodel and actor, who now lives in Coogee,becameMiss Universe Australia at her third attemptand the first Novocastrian in the globalpageantsince Jennifer Hawkins took thecrown in 2004.

Sanchez, 25, sawher family tornapart duringher teens and, at one point, lived in a women’s shelter.

She is a fourth dan black belt in taekwondo, and finishedrunner-up at Miss Universe 2014 to Colombia’s Paulina Vega.

The pair have already launchedtheir“intimate”workshop in the US and saidit includedtips and techniques forjob interviews, coping with stress, styling, fitness and self defence.

The Newcastle Universal Confidence workshop will be heldon Saturday, February 13 attheFaçon fashion studio in Wickham.

Places can be booked [email protected]老域名出售.

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