The rainbow flag


Editor Greisbach’s piece “Blowing With the Breeze” (Adv., Jan. 16), is about three flags, not two.

The Union Jack scandalises opponents of the present New Zealand flag. Three crosses on one flag remind us Christianity and Britain were once prominent themes in Australasian public life. Canada adopted its Maple Leaf flag in 1965, Quebec has always been unashamedly French!

Some flag changes cost more than others, Russia changed flags several times during the last century, Germany’s flag is not what it was in 1914 or 1939.

Re-flagging marriage under the rainbow ensign has its price.

Our civilisation’s much-touted social sky has already fallen. Earlier waves of the sexual revolution effectively decriminalised consensual extramarital sex. Family break-ups, individual alienation and personal despair are now endemic.

Is there really a pot of gold at every rainbow’s end?



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